It is our pleasure to present a selection of Mount Medical projects:

Technology Transfer Office @ Academisch Medisch Centrum,
for Pontes Medical

Technology Transfer OfficeAcademic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands eight university medical centers and one of the top medical centres in the world. In addition to the three main missions of the AMC, Patient Care, Education and Research, “valorisation” of the research results is important. Valorisation refers to the process of makes scientific and technological knowledge available to society. The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) has a key role in valorisation of the research results of AMC.

At the TTO, Mount Medical was hired during 18 months for valorisation of medical technological innovations from AMC, in close cooperation with the Pontes Medical organisation in UMC Utrecht and VUmc Amsterdam (see




Projects of Mount Medical @ AMC TTO:

  • Innovative arthroscopy devices for a.o. anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery (research into unicity and patentability of the AMC innovation, patenting process, CDA’s, selection and negotiation with potential licencees);
  • Patient specific implants a.o. for osteotomy (research into unicity and patentability, organization of patenting process, CDA’s, selection and approach of production companies and potential licensees, realization of first implantable prototypes);
  • Arm/wrist/hand surgery tables (market research into unicity, production partner and licensee selection, licence negotiation, signing of licence contract);
  • Patient positioning devices, Dermatological grafting tools, Trauma clock, Sensor technology for monitoring therapy compliance, Patient heating techniques, Organization of “Round Table Medical Technology” and innovation introduction meetings in AMC.

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Addino BV

AddinoMount Medical coordinates and executes the (international) marketing & sales activities of Addino BV, who developed and patented single use plastic Auto Disable & Safety Syringes, that are up for licensing.

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Miscea BV

Miscea hand hygiene systeemMount Medical provides business development services and advise for the Miscea Hand Hygiene System in the international medical device & pharmaceutical manufacturing market and clinics. Miscea is an innovative, award winning system that combines a touch free faucet, soap and disinfectant dispenser in-one, to promote hand hygiene and prevent cross contamination.

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Pontes Medical @ University Medical Center Utrecht

Pontes MedicalMount Medical contributed to Pontes Medical’s Trocar holder project by writing the business plan for this innovative system for minimal invasive surgery. Mount Medical did extensive market research: a.o. interviewing a cross section of medical specialists performing minimal invasive surgery in university medical centres, specialist hospitals, general hospitals and private clinics, attending laparoscopic operations and market scanning for competitive and related products. When Pontes Medical’s PCT application was in process, Mount Medical listed & selected potential manufacturing & sales companies active in this worldwide market and raised the interest in its licensing opportunity with selected candidates.

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Thuja Capital Management BV

Thuja Capital Healthcare Investors logoThuja Capital is a venture capital firm specialized in investing in healthcare Innovations. As part of a group of investors, Thuja Capital hired Mount Medical to assess the business and operational plan of FABPulous BV, to confirm the level of adequacy in terms of steps, timelines, and budget, and to identify weaknesses, risks and opportunities. FABPulous BV is developing a disposable device which allows for rapid semi-quantitative diagnostic testing in blood or plasma.

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Qosina, USA

QosinaMount Medical supports Qosina ( known for its “Thousands of Stock Components”) with business development activities related to medical device manufacturers in France and Germany. Mount Medical performs market research and represents Qosina at Medtec France in Besançon.

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Dino-Lite for IDCP

Dino-LiteMount Medical supported IDCP with the introduction of its Dino-Lite digital microscopes in the healthcare & life sciences markets. Mount Medical started with international market research and business development activities in the telemedicine market, in medical practices in the Netherlands and medical device manufacturing companies. It resulted in an international presentation on the Medica exhibition in Düsseldorf and selection of international and national resellers.

Dino-Lite is a compact digital microscope with a lot of new possibilities compared to traditional microscopes. Dino-Lite can be connected to a computer by simply plugging the cord in the USB port. Dino-Lite allows you to record moving and still images as well as time lapsed recording. The images are displayed on the computer screen and can be shared directly over the internet (webcam technology), stored electronically or printed. Dino-Lite has numerous professional applications, such as industrial, medical and educational. According to the version, magnification ranges from 10 to 200 to 500x. LED lights are built in in white, polarized, ultraviolet, infrared or a switchable combination. Most versions have calibration and measuring options.

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